The everlasting beauty of history

The everlasting beauty of history is in front of us everyday. It is the Cathedral of Modena. We continue our journey through Emilia with Thomas S. Eliot and his book “Journey to Italy“.

When the poet after being first in Ferrara and then in Bologna, he arrived in Modena. These are his notes of how the Cathedral of Modena appeared to him.

The Cathedral is the most perfect specimen of a Lombard church that I saw. Outside is excellent in color of marble; first rate sculptures: reliefs plaques in walls and borders of windows and doors. The sculptures inside are later and inferior. Inside is light colored brick, uncovered. All portals are fine, but est. N. One has the months of the year in frieze around it.

The writer T.S. Eliot defines the Modena Cathedral as the perfect model of Lombard church. Honestly speaking, as a local his quote makes me very happy. Eliot also dwells on the bas-reliefs that decorate the Cathedral. Works that tell the story of knights and that are a book carved in stone. In particular, Eliot is struck by the bas-relief that represents the months with reference to the countryside or city works, carried out by a follower of Wiligelmo. For the construction materials from the ruins of a nearby Roman necropolis, rich in marble and stones, were used.

The first stone of the Cathedral of Modena was laid on June 9, 1099. Its construction was carried out by famous artists such as the architect Lanfranco, the sculptor Wiligelmo who was entrusted with the construction of the fa├žade.

The Modena Cathedral is considered by UNESCO to be one of the most beautiful Romanesque masterpieces in the world. An open-air anthology of Romanesque sculpture. We can admire it every time we go downtown on Saturdays.. A habit which is particularly appreciated by we locals. There is an atmosphere of light-heartedness along the Via Emilia Centro, the Main street with its boutiques, bars and restaurants. The beautiful cathedral that rises towards the sky with the tower Ghirlandina next to it. I continue to admire this historical heritage with great amazement, as if it were the first time. I believe it is the beauty of history, which lasts unperturbed. A sense of beauty that can excite us despite the passage of centuries.

Thanks to Modenatur for the main photo of the post.

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