The Land of Lambrusco

The travel has started. Itineraries aimed at the discovery of the land of Lambrusco. Emilia is a place full of farms that are related to the production of this red sparkling wine, the Lambrusco. It represents for us coming from Emilia “The Wine” that cannot miss on Sundays and in celebrations. Many shades of red, many types of fragrances that are mixed with traditions.

The production area of ​​Lambrusco is quite big and it goes  for hundreds of kilometers, and every time we sit down for having our meal with homemade food prepared by the hands of the “razdore”, a bottle of Lambrusco can not miss. Lambrusco wine tells the stories of farmers and families devoted to the production of this sparkling sweet or dry red wine.

With this article we start the travel among the farms that with their work, can transform juicy grapes into the nectar of Lambrusco.

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