Ancient charme

An ancient fortress with its elegance and charm that tells of ancient times, of brave knights and ladies from sumptuous clothes. The Castle of Compiano welcomes us in all its splendor within its walls made of old bricks. The manor is located in the small village of Compiano in the Province of Parma. The castle dominates with its towers and its four-sided shape.
A charming place that we decided to reach on two wheels, riding our Harley Davidson StreetGlide. The face caressed by the cool breeze and the scent of the spring have gone with us on our journey.

Parco 1
We suggest you to visit the Castle of Compiano and enter into the several rooms to catch the essence of this fortress. It has also become a charming facility, ready to welcome guests from around the world. The restaurant of the castle can offer the traditional menu of Emilia. Nothing more appropriate to spend a day traveling through time, savoring what tradition can offer. Share with us your experience at the Castle of Compiano. Send us your photos and we will happy to publish them in the gallery.

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