A Taste of Fall in Emilia

Italy, a country well-known for its beauty, hides undiscovered neighborhoods far from the typical touristic routes. In Emilia, the region surrounded by Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany, there are places that are so surreal and beautiful that when you first see them, you think they must be from a children’s fairytale. Yet, the tiny village of Levizzano Rangone, just a few kilometres from the city of Modena and home to Ferrari’s Maranello Racetrack, may look like it has popped out of a storybook with its enchanting landscape of vineyard lined hills. When we entered Levizzano, we were welcomed by the ancient fortress with its blend of elegance and mystery that reminds us of the past, of brave knights and ladies in extravagant clothing. The Castle displays all of its splendor within its old brick walls, together with its Matildic Tower. The manor is located in the heart of the Lambrusco countryside, and dominates the beautiful landscape of hills which surround it. The building dates back to the XII century, and reveals the feudal architecture of the time.
A wonderful place that we decided to reach on two wheels, riding our beloved Harley Davidson with our faces caressed by the cool breeze, while the scent of the fall leaves accompanied us on our journey.

Castello Levizzano
The colors of fall attract leaf-peepers from near and far who come to marvel at the beauty and appreciate this magical time of the year. The perfume of just picked red grapes in the air announces the grape harvest!

Grappoli d'uva
The historical heritage of Levizzano Rangone is represented by its feudal castle and its watchtower which welcome visitors to the village. It is possible to take a tour of the castle throughout the year, and stop for lunch in one of the several “Trattorie”, where home-made traditional food is served in a rural, family atmosphere. We had Gnocco Fritto with Prosciutto di Parma and Mortadella and as first course we chose Tortelloni with ricotta and spinach and Tortellini. A yummy lunch combined with a glass of Lambrusco Grasparossa, from a native country farm.
Upon arrival in this little piece of land, our attention was captured by the silence of the countryside, interrupted only by the sound of tweeting birds. The atmosphere invited us to close our eyes and enjoy the smell of burning wood coming from the fireplaces, of the small houses around the castle beneath the soft rays of the afternoon fall sun.


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