Fairytale Foliage

There is something simply indescribable about foliage. My beloved Autumn is the season that perfectly express the nature and its finest spectacle difficult to describe for its beauty and colored breathtaking landscape.

Fall is the season that I like mostly. Downtown you can see wet roads and the first foggy night, when the shapes of the building around are not so clear. Fall has multiple faces. In the countryside you can experience even the smell of it. It’s the time to gather at the fireplace with a good book and a cup of tea on a Sunday afternoon.

Actuallly, there are some places in the city where you can feel the beauty of autumn as if you are in the countryside. In Modena there is a park, just a few km from the city center that is charaterised by large fields, trees of fruits and awesome vineyards.

It is the place you don’t expect to find in the heart of a city. It is a place that is quite uncommon but you should visit, just to take a walk, maybe in the early afternoon when there is still a bit of sun and you can admire all the nuances of leaves.

Foliage_01 (1)

The vineyard is its main feature and they make it a source of nuances from red to brown and orange that you don’t have to miss such a beautiful in place in this time of the year. This place is a sort of secret place not only for the tourists but even for the inhabitants of Modena.

IMG_6996 (1)

I like this park (Parco della Resistenza). It is a special place and it represents a slice of Modena in which you can enjoy and live intensely seasonal changes.

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