In the heart of my city at Christmas time

I’m in the heart of my city: Modena. It appears so stunnigly beautiful at Christmas time. Decorative lights are everywhere and you can also find unordinary sculptures, like the one located in Piazza XX Settembre. It is completely handmade. The city looks so cozy this time of the year and you cannot miss to visit it. Christmas trees are the protagonists, there’s no doubt!

Yet, one of my favorite place is Mercato Albinelli. It’s the historical food market of Modena and at Christmas it transmits a special allure. The little selling corners that are a fundamental part of it are full of people that come to the Mercato Albinelli to buy the excellent food and delicacies, you can find only in this place.

Mercato Albinelli

Here is a glimpse of the entrance on a winter morning, when it’s cold outside and inside the market is a warm and welcoming world. The scents, the colors of the holidays and the background rumors of the merchants and their customers who liven up this historic market with great liveliness. This I think is one of the most beautiful moments to visit it. You won’t be disappointed.

The buildings that rise to the sky and paint the streets of Modena are a true masterpiece, especially when the city is dressed up for Christmas. The Via Emilia with its arcades, Via Farini with the majestic Military Academy, Piazza Mazzini with its fashion boutiques.

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