The land where sunsets have their roots

What does the land of Giuseppe Verdi and Giovannino Guareschi have in common? The sunsets. There is a link between music and the flat plain of the lower Emilia region. I learned it from Guareschi’s words in one of his interviews.

I understand, as you are not a local, the reason why you cannot realize how such exuberant, romantic music was created in a flat land. Yet, who lives in this land like me, this is understandable. Look for example at sunsets. These sunsets explode suddenly, violently on this flat land, full of red, yellow, unexpected spaces. They are something that explains why such excessive music comes from this land I would almost say. Believe the sunsets are a melodrama. Giovannino Guareschi, 1963.

Sunsets as far as the eye can see. Horizons that we can hardly understand where they end. This is the plain of the lowlands, whether it is Modena, Reggio Emilia or Parma, it doesn’t matter because the breathtaking landscape is the same in front of us. My hometown is Modena, but my mom’s family has the roots from the lower Emilia and precisely the very tiny village of San Martino Spino.

The countryside of San Martino Spino
The holiday mansion of Pico della Mirandola at San Martino Spino

Here life seems to have a different rhythm and in the name of traditional values, which even a famous artist like Guareschi has never forgotten.

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