The little Paris of Emilia is celebrating the year of culture

Parma, the little Paris of Emilia. This is how the locals call the city with affection. This year Parma is the Capital of Italian Culture. I’m sure you will understand how Parma is considered to be a little Paris.

A journey through history, over centuries that have transformed the city of Maria Luigia of Austria, Verdi, Toscanini and Guareschi into a capital of beauty.

Just walking through the streets of the city you can see traces of the Middle Ages to the Verdi heritage, from the Hapsburg Empire of Maria Luigia to rural Parma.

We are facing a journey through time, each era is characterized by the spaces that the city has been able to offer to its citizens over the years. A dynamic cultural identity we can experience today with Parma 2020.

In a city you do not enjoy the seven or seventy-seven wonders, but the answer it gives to your question. Quote of the Italian writer Italo Calvino

The main theme of the Italian Capital of Culture 2020 involves the topic of “time” and the Parma’s ability to regenerate itself through culture, marking the rhythms of daily life, breaking down historical and social barriers through sharing values. The manifest phrase underlines this concept: “Culture beats time”.

Great restoration works characterize Parma 2020. The Church of San Francesco del Prato and the Ospedale Vecchio will have a new life from this year. The majestic Church of San Francesco del Prato After almost as big as the Cathedral of Parma, it will be officially reopened with the Verdi’s Macbeth from September 26th.

San Francesco del Prato is about to become the symbol of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020 together with the Old Hospital closed for over 100 years.

Ospedale Vecchio

We are in the Oltretorrente area, known for its revolutionary movements and for having become a melting pot of multiculturalism and youth. The old sixteenth-century building will host an exhibition on the future of the city’s memory from April 24th and will be called Hospitale.


The little Paris of Emilia, the city of the great Maestri as Verdi and Toscanini, and where food and wine are protagonists. Parma opens its most secret doors to all visitors who want to discover it along the year.

A journey into culture that will leave travelers with unique and memorable sensations, because Parma is the capital of refined and elegant beauty that is both simple and genuine.

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