The glorious winter landscape

The sense of the winter season exploring romantic landscapes of Emilia. Winter is a special moment in the year when the leaves have fallen and you can see the bare structures of the trees in all their glory.

The cold earth slept below. Above the cold sky shone. P.B. Shelley

It was winter time the air was cold, the wind was shard but within the closed doors it was warm and comfortable. H.C. Andersen

This is our feeling at winter time, when the nature around us seems to stand still and quiet. The Emilia country is so stunningly beautiful. The city, the countryside, the vast lowland.

Let’s embrace the winter and let’s discover the frosted leaves we can pick up from the ground and put inside our book. Waiting for the first flowers to come out, like the elegant snowdrops that announce Spring.

Levizzano Rangone with its old village at winter

The landscape here in Castelvetro di Modena seems to change shape every time the fog that covers some corners arrives and leaves others uncovered. The light penetrates between the haze and the tolling of the bells is heard from the village church.

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